New apt, new life

I recently moved to a new city and I am currently in the process of decorating my new apartment. I absolutely love looking for ideas online and going to as many stores as possible just to find the "one piece" of decoration that will make the whole place come together (well in my mind anyway...and so far everybody has agreed with "most" of my decisions).
Of course, the site is a great way to get ideas but it can get a little overwhelming. I start looking for stuff that are supposed to "match" but two seconds later I got side tracked and want to change my whole living room. (which is not possible since I do have a credit card limit..unfortunately). So don't be like me...Make sure you focus on one style and one style only. Or one/two colors.

So if you are moving or deciding to change something in your place, make sure you keep your focus I think that's the hardest part. 

Here are my favorite stores (with very affordable prices)

Bon voyage

Being from a European country makes traveling a lot easier. We can discover so many different countries by paying $50 for a train or plane ticket. Also, every big airplane companies connect at some point in Paris, so going to Asia is not too difficult anymore (but still expensive though).
I am a "travel fanatic". I wish I could explore a new country every week. But...unfortunately my finances limit me to studying and enjoying only "once a year vacation" for now. But I keep my hopes up, I will travel (almost) all the over the world before my time runs out.

Here are some interesting destinations these days:  
-Sabi Sands, South Africa
-Madeira, Portugal
-Phi Phi Le, Thailand
-Oracabessa, Jamaica

"Yummy sushi"

The "sushi world" has exploded in the last recent years. The famous Japanese food has became so popular even if it is only "rice rolled up with something else". But we must admit that for some reason we are all loving it! Some of us thinks about sushi as being "yummy" and some of us thinks about sushi as being healthy... but be careful because not all the sushi rolls are good for you, so I'm gonna help you pick the good ones!

1) Tuna roll    2) Avocado roll    3) Cucumber roll


1) Shrimp tempura roll    2) Eel and avocado roll   3) Philadelphia roll    4) Spicy tuna roll