It's breakfast time amigos

Breakfast is mentioned everywhere as being the most important meal of the day but usually our options are not the best. Donuts, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, super-sugary-cereals...anything that sounds good to us is actually "no bueno" for our bodies. As a french person, the breakfast problem is a REAL problem since the pastries from the bakery are totally irresistible and of course one croissant is never enough. You can always add a chocolate one too. Right?

So here are some tips :
-Do not skip breakfast for any reason, after a night of sleep, you need to help your metabolism starts
-Do not delay your breakfast time, you have to eat within an hour of waking up
-Do not forget to fill up with fiber and protein, so you can feel full for the whole morning
-Do not eat too much sugar, your energy will decrease rapidly and you will feel hungry 2 hours later
-Do not drink too much coffee, not more than 2 cups or you will feel shaky, anxious. Not good.

Healthy breakfast ideas:
-Oatmeal (plain with cinnanom, honey, blueberries...try anything that taste the best for you)
-Veggie omelet / Boiled eggs / Scrambled eggs (eggs are a great to fill up on protein)
-English muffin (add fat free cream cheese, jelly, peanut butter...use 2tps)
-Fiber One honey squares /Special K

Wine always on my mind

Good morning dear followers, I apologize for my absence but the beginning of the year 2012 has been quite busy for me. This is why, I allow myself a little break to follow my boyfriend on his golf tournament in Orlando, Florida. I needed to get away from the rain in Georgia, studies, work and take time to enjoy the beautiful weather here (and be with my favorite boy too of course).
After his practice round yesterday, we decided to visit a winery since as you might all know by now, wine defines my "joie de vivre".

We went to "Lakeridge Winery" , it is so far the best winery that I have ever visited.

They offer tours and tasting everyday (Monday - Saturday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday - 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.). The tour starts with a video about the wine process and the specialty of growing Florida grapes. After the video, you get to see the production area as well bottling and labeling area. And once you are done with the learning part, the BEST part comes... Wine tasting of 6 or 7 different wines. They all are different but great!

On a personal note, we really enjoyed "Chablis", "Cuvée Noir Reserve" and "Pink Crescendo".

If you ever stop by Orlando, you should definitely stop by this winery, everyone is adorable and passionate about wine; they make great wine and you will enjoy the experience.

With love,