KONY 2012

Time for a change. Time to do something. The technology has brought the planet together and is allowing us to be more connected. We need to use this technology to make the world a better place.
Human history was not always right, justice was often too absent. But in the past, we did not have the opportunity to do something about it. Now we do. Freedom and justice should be everywhere. Everywhere.
Our daily little problems do not mean anything compared to the tragedies that happen in others places.

Take time to watch the video and go on the website Invisible Children to help this cause.

With love and PEACE

Canvas..Love them. A lot

Canvas are everywhere these days. Especially all over pinterest. Why? Because they are easy to make, cheap and can decorate a room right away. Also, who doesn't need a good quote in their bedroom or living room? You can walk by, remind yourself of what you are about or what you should be thinking... and there it is!
I love quotes and I love pretty pictures. I am not all about positive energy, karma and all of that; but I believe that surrounding yourself with things that you like, make you smile and are pretty can definitely have a good impact on you.
Here are some of my favorites:

If you want to make your own canvas, it is very simple. You can find the canvas itself in store like Walmart, Office Max or any kind of craft store. Then you just need to buy some paint, some brushes, maybe a few decorative icons. AND....let your creativity begins! 

With love,

St Patrick's Day

Saturday is the big day... Everybody becomes Irish for a day. Everybody finds a way to make themselves believe that their great-great-great-grand father was Irish and therefore they have a REAL reason to celebrate.
Well, I am 100% French and I am perfectly okay with that. But I must admit that I love to plan a fun party so yes, of course, I will celebrate St Patrick's Day!

Here are some ideas to make fun drinks: (and remember, it is very easy to make everything looks green, just add green liquor or green food coloring. Only one drop per drink will do the trick)

Now let's talk about snacks & sweets/desserts: (you can't have a party, especially if it starts early without anything to snack on. The theme is great because you can turn anything into the Irish them!)

Have fun "feeling green"!

With love,

Give a new look to your furniture

I had the same furniture since I came to the USA. Nothing was matching in my room. But I wanted to make a change. There is an easy way to give a new look to your furniture. Go get some paint and let your creative ideas begin. No need to go buy new expensive furniture, make your own style, it will be unique and great.
I started the process by painting everything in a dark red/brown color, then I will add some design in the gold color to make it more detailed and unique.

Here are some ideas for you guys:

Take a moment to breathe

Take a moment to breathe.

Stressful morning. Stressful afternoon. Got home at 4pm and still worried. But then I realized that the rain was gone and the sun was trying to make a small appearance.
I had two choices: kill an entire chocolate tablet or go sit out, in my pretty pink chair and relax. 
Take a moment to breathe.
I chose option two. (for once, I decided not to "eat my emotions").

I looked at the clouds, they were moving pretty fast; the birds were singing, the temperature was nice.

And I was suddenly at peace.
Then, I laughed at myself for being so happy from doing such simple things. But it felt nice.

I realized that I needed to be okay with the way life works, I cannot control everything. The same way the clouds were moving fast, the same way my day will be soon over and tomorrow will be there.

I decided to consider myself as a cloud for the rest of the day and let things take me. Somewhere. Anywhere.

I drank a diet coke with a slice of lemon, look at the sky, dream, dream...and wait for a better tomorrow.
You should try it sometimes, take a moment for yourself.
It feels nice.

With love,