Help Oklahoma

You guys probably already heard about the tragedy that happened in Oklahoma,a massive tornado has ripped through neighborhoods near Oklahoma City. Many people are saying that the tornado had been classified as the most devastating funnel cloud punch Mother Nature can deliver.
If you want to help the survivors, you should go to this website and donate:

If you think that donating a small amount of money or even your time to help others is insignificant, you should listen to Carrie Underwood's song. Any kind of help is always needed.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." William James

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The Great Gatsby

Loved the new movie, loved the old ones...there is something particular and "magic" about this era that is so fascinating to me. 
At one point in time, we all wish that we were born at another period and for me, the best period would be the 1920's. 
What's not to love about the 1920's? Watch the Great Gatsby and it would only take a minute for you to fall in love with the costumes that successfully convey the glamour and decadence of the era for a 21st-century audience.

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Must-have summer items

Affordable shopping...why not give yourself a little gift...or two?
Here are some "new and fun websites" that I found to do a little summer shopping activity! 

Hope you will get to find a little special piece for yourself!
Enjoy my friends!

Shoes :






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Secret to a bikini body

Summer is coming and we are all trying to get in shape ASAP. Well unfortunately, it is not always easy but I found an article in Fitness magazine that can help us ladies!
Here are some secrets to fight off belly bloat:

-drink water with lemon ( If you're having a bloating problem, that's the time you want to push fluids, not restrict them, says Grotto. Since lemons are a natural diuretic and a gentle laxative when added to warm water, consuming the liquid can help reduce the amount of salt retained in the body. Just make sure you drink from the glass and not through a straw, so you don't take in any extra air)

-eat celery (it has been used as a digestive aid to regulate bowel movements and to control intestinal gas because its chemicals are known to decrease fluid retention)

-eat watermelon (it consists of 92 percent water and it also has a natural diuretic property and is a great source of potassium)

-cook with rosemary (it treats intestinal gas and helps digestion)

-eat beans and lentils (Lentils possess a high amount of fiber that are a good choice for aiding with digestion. Also, potassium-rich foods include white beans, soybeans, and lima beans - are also the highest-fiber vegetables you can get)

-eat yogurt (the nature of the active cultures lactobacillus and acidophilus found in yogurt can improve symptoms of bloating)

-keep your sodium intake to a minimum
-make sure you get enough sleep and get a least 30 mins of physical activity on a daily basis

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