Chateau Elan

I went to Chateau Elan with my boyfriend this past weekend. We are always looking for wine event, but since we do not live in California, it makes things a little harder. But after doing some research he found the perfect place... Chateau Elan! Since he is traveling a lot for golf, it is always nice to allow ourselves for some special time spent together... and if there is wine, it is even better!

The resort offers many different packages; you can go there to play tennis or golf, enjoy a spa day, or learn more about wine. We did the wine package (of course!) and we loved it! It is actually called "winemaker wanna be". It includes:

  • private guided winery tour & tasting
  • wine blending experience
  • personalized custom bottle of wine
  • overnight accommodation
We had so much fun making our own wine, it is definitely a great experience and everyone there is so helpful and nice!
Here are some pics:

Visit the website :

With love,


Having a wine party? You want to make sure that none of your friends will get his/her glass confused with someone else?
Easy ! Class up your glass by identifying guests' drinks with "wine charms"
Here is mine:

But you can use different ones, just as cute!

With love,

Happy Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday

 Since today is "Mardi Gras", as a French girl, I had to make some "beignets" to celebrate the occasion!
Here is the recipe:

Here are the 3 last steps:

Make the dough into small balls shape
Fry them until brown/golden
Add some powdered sugar on top

Vintage is so IN!

You hear about vintage clothing all the time. Why is it so popular? Simply because fashion goes round and round and people are attracted by something that is "unique". You should always hold on to your clothes that you think have a certain style, they will be back in style eventually. Trust me.
If you buy a piece of clothing now, you might see it on someone else when you walk down the street or you might not find it unique enough to buy it. But the fashion from the 90's is considered retro and cool. Sometimes, vintage is cheaper as well. Except if you go for an old Chanel bag, your chances of finding something really cool and cheaper than an H&M t-shirt are pretty high. You have to look around a lot though, it does not come in handy.
I love vintage clothing because I can get it for cheap, it is unique and I can change it.
For example, this past weekend, I bought a pink vintage t-shirt, very cheap and decided to add white bow buttons to bring in my "personal touch".

Have fun with your clothes, it shows your personality, so go for it!

With love,

Bucket list

In order to do things differently or shake things up in your life, people always tell you to do a bucket list and I think that it's a GREAT idea. Saying that life will pass you by is good reality check but doing nothing about it will not help you. You have to push yourself to do things that get you out of your routine. Bucket list is the best option.
I found this website, I selected my favorite "bucket list ideas" but you should definitely check it out, it is fun!

Valentine's Day is....HERE

Dear followers,
I did not forget about Valentine's Day, maybe you were waiting for some amazing advice that will save the day but unfortunately for you, I only have a few... It might sound very "cliché" but I do not agree with celebrating love only once a year; we should want to prove our love and share it...everyday. (Even though it would be so much easier to go with only one day, I will give you that).

If you are single, do not stress, do not be sad, do not eat all the chocolate that your mother gave you this weekend in one night... Hang out with your friends, watch a funny movie, do things that you could not have done if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend.... Enjoy being single and free!

- Girls, drink amazing cocktails, gossip,gossip,gossip ALL night or do a party with the theme "I hate Valentine's Day" like in the movie "Valentine's Day" (where Jessica Biel is playing such a fun role by the way) ...Just do whatever you want but don't forget to have fun!

- Guys, catch up on all the football/basketball games that you have missed, eat pizza, drink beer, talk about the VS. show and dream about the "angel" that you would love to have as your wife/girlfriend/mistress...whatever, it is a dream so just go for it!

If you are in a relationship, I have 2 important advice for you:

1) DO NOT forget about this day if you are a guy; your girlfriend expects at least chocolate, flowers, dinner somewhere, jewelry...find something, no excuses are allowed! She has read about Valentine's Day for a month now, she sees commercials about it all day, you can't let her down, not today.
2) DO NOT expect your significant other to know what you want. Yes you have seen this beautiful necklace a few weeks ago, you told your love, you expect him to remember. Yes you have seen this new golf club in the store the other day, you told your love, you expect her to remember. flash! Except if your lover has a great memory or is just gifted, the chances of you getting this particular object is low. Just because at the end of the day, guys do not care about jewelry and girls do not care about golf so our selective memory will work against us. If you really want something, make sure you drop a LOT of hints, people are not mind reader, help them out.

Hope everyone will have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

With love,

Tat it up'

Tattoos have been for a long time associated with rock, drugs, bad boys, gangs...everything  that was not considered "proper" enough for society. But things are definitely changing. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular.
The biggest change comes from the fashion world. It seems like tattoos found their way into the "beautiful world of fashion". If you look closely at runaway models, commercials or advertising pictures, most of them own tattoos and are not afraid to show them.
So are tattoos view differently by society now? are they maybe getting considered as "work art"?
Personally, I see it as a permanent accessorize, and I do believe that like everything in life, you can always find a way to make it classy!

Freja Beha
Erin Wasson

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is a big event and I believe that it should be celebrated by planning a fun Super Bowl party. Whether you are a big football fan or just looking to watch fun commercials (like me), watching the Super Bowl with friends and family is going to be a LOT of fun!

Why is it so easy to plan this kind party? Because everybody expects traditional party food for this event like chips, different kinds of dips, chili, salsa, wings,  pizza... They're so easy to serve and everybody forgets about diet, no more guilt when you watch football so just go for it!

Here are some tips:
* Go for the buffet option, people like to choose and go back for more now and then
* Make sure you have one room where the girls (or the people not interested in football) can escape and talk about everything...BUT football
* Have a lot of beers, do not be afraid of having too much, football and beer is a long time love story, you can never be too well prepared
* Have some more "girly" drinks if you know that your girlfriends are coming and they never understood how guys can love beer so much (it tastes like water, no way i'm drinking that..sounds familiar?) so in this, is a must!
* Get post-game treats like cookies or cupcakes, after drinking a lot, everybody needs some sweet stuff!

Finally, enjoy the game, enjoy a lazy Sunday with your favorite peeps!

With love,

Creativity is a gift of high intellect...Use it !

2012...already February..time to make a change

When the new year comes around, you always think about all the resolutions that you could take or "should take" but let's be real, do you actually make a change? Hum...maybe for a week or two, but it usually doesn't last very long. You always think about working out more, eating healthier (no more chocolate I promise), drinking less, forgetting about the bad boys and getting a straight laced boy...blablabla. None of the resolutions are actually really meant to make YOU happier. You try to please everybody and fit in the wrong crowd but what about YOU?
Here are some tips to make you happier, maybe you won't lose 60 pounds next week but you will definitely be happier!

* Create a vision board/collage/pinterest you can always be inspired about doing new stuff and try new things
* Move out of your bedroom ALL the useless will feel lighter and create positive energy around
* Participate in community events/go for lunch or dinner with friends...yes sometimes you do not feel like "hanging out"but as human we need to interact with others, and it will actually make you happier than staying home all alone
* Forgive yourself...yes eating ice-cream or chocolate is not recommended these days but whats wrong with a joker day? enjoy yourself for one meal
* Dance, sing in the shower, paint even if you are absolutely not talented, nobody has to see your "disasters", just enjoy doing it for yourself
* Finally... act happy, put a smile on your face, keep smiling because studies show that even a fake smile has a positive influence on you!

With love,