Happy Fall Yall

I absolutely adore Fall. This season is so perfect! Not too hot, not too cold yet...just perfect!
Plus, there are so many fun things to do when it is fall. Even if you are not a "crafty" person usually, this is THE time of year when you will become one!
Halloween is coming up...time to decorate the house, make fun treats, yummy drinks and do many other "crafty" things!

Here are my favorite ideas: (click on pictures to get the direct link)


With love,

Think Pink

The month of October is the month for breast cancer awareness.
If we are in good health and blessed, we should take a minute to think about other people struggling and finding ways to help them if we can.

Check out this website:

Here are some ways to help:

Plus you can buy anything in pink with the pink ribbon to help. 
Who doesn't love to wear pink anyway? :)