It's breakfast time amigos

Breakfast is mentioned everywhere as being the most important meal of the day but usually our options are not the best. Donuts, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, super-sugary-cereals...anything that sounds good to us is actually "no bueno" for our bodies. As a french person, the breakfast problem is a REAL problem since the pastries from the bakery are totally irresistible and of course one croissant is never enough. You can always add a chocolate one too. Right?

So here are some tips :
-Do not skip breakfast for any reason, after a night of sleep, you need to help your metabolism starts
-Do not delay your breakfast time, you have to eat within an hour of waking up
-Do not forget to fill up with fiber and protein, so you can feel full for the whole morning
-Do not eat too much sugar, your energy will decrease rapidly and you will feel hungry 2 hours later
-Do not drink too much coffee, not more than 2 cups or you will feel shaky, anxious. Not good.

Healthy breakfast ideas:
-Oatmeal (plain with cinnanom, honey, blueberries...try anything that taste the best for you)
-Veggie omelet / Boiled eggs / Scrambled eggs (eggs are a great to fill up on protein)
-English muffin (add fat free cream cheese, jelly, peanut butter...use 2tps)
-Fiber One honey squares /Special K

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