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I like the magazine Marie Claire because it makes me keep up with fashion, what's in and out but also, it always has a lot of interesting articles talking about powerful women, women's problems in the world...
Last year, I found an article about women in Afghanistan who were facing terrible injustices; theses women are most of the times raped, their husbands hurt them constantly...but they are not allowed to leave the house. If they do, it is called "moral crimes" and they go to jail for that. (or sometimes they endure worse things than jail). (here is the link:

This month, we got an update on the situation:
-2,000 readers bought NOT GUILTY t-shirts, which raised $30,000 to aid victims
-103,000 signed a petition to end this terrible practice
In December, the President started releasing from prison more women...but there are still thousands of women that remain behind bars.

To help:
-make a donation on the website:
(for $25 you will get a t-shirt and provide a week's supply of milk)
(for $100 you will provide a month's salary for an in-prison teacher or midwife)

I consider myself fortunate, I am healthy, independant and free. So I try to do what I can to help others in need.. And if you are just as fortunate as I am, try to do the same.

With love,

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