French love

I like living in the USA. I love learning a new culture and language everyday. I like to interact with people from different backgrounds. I embrace every opportunity that I have to discover a new world.
But, at the end of the day, I am a little frenchie and my heart belongs to the French culture.

We are well known for our great taste in fashion and food, but also for our beautiful cities and admirable landscapes. France is a very tiny country, but we are lucky to possess a lot of scenery.
When you are in France, you can go to the mountains, to the beach, and even to a different country without driving too much. (I believe that the Americans would very much appreciate the short distances!)

But unfortunately, nowadays Europe is not doing so good and France is not escaping the troubles either.
We are dealing with economic issues, political issues, immigration issues...and many other issues. And, sometimes I have the feeling that we forget about the beauty of our country, and focus too much on the negative things.
I love France and I am very proud of where I am from. I  believe that the French culture is very fascinating despite the little problems that we are countering nowadays.
We need to go back to the basics and start to take the time to look around again and appreciate the beauty of everything. We work hard (unlike what most people think) but we do it in a fashionable way. We have learned to work hard to be able to enjoy life; and, we should try to get away from our busy lives for a second to enjoy the simplest/prettiest things.

Remember ...Paris, the capital, is the city of love so we should all have this quote for our motto:
 "Life is not worth being lived without love"

With love,

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