Wine is a new app!

Hello hello wine lovers, I've got some news for you!
Last year, I talked about the app "Snooth", well this year, the new cool app is "WinePoynt"
Thanks to the immense progress in technology, we probably all have the chance to possess a smart phone, so we can all download this app...ASAP!

"WinePoynt recently launched an app to help make choosing the right wine easier anytime, anywhere. The app, designed by two engineers and a sommelier, was created with expert data analysis to personalize wine recommendations for individual users based on their location and from the information the app learns about the users wine preferences from their own ratings."

This app is so great, it will give you the locations of all the wine stores present in your area and once you create your profile, you will be able to get recommendations concerning wines (maybe new to you) that you will probably enjoy!
You can select the color, price range and the type of food that you will be eating to get an accurate recommendation. It is fun and it is a good excuse to drink more wine ;)

Cheers my friends!

With love,

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