Have you ever heard of the brand called "LUSH"?

If you did not, you have been missing out on fun cosmetics products and here is your chance to learn about it my dear followers!
Lush is coming from the UK and the brand only sells products that are hand-made and very natural.
The brand, Lush, only uses fruits, vegetables, synthetic ingredients, honey and beeswax in its products.
I learned about this brand in Paris, when I was visiting my friend, and I decided to try one of the product, a cleaner that is called "Ocean Salt" and it is defined as "a cleansing lime, coconut and sea salt scrub."
This cleaner is wonderful, I love the fact that all the products are natural and they work so well!

Just go on the website and try it for yourself!
Lush delivers in 47 countries so you should find your happiness, no matter where you are :)

With love,

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