St Patrick's Day

Saturday is the big day... Everybody becomes Irish for a day. Everybody finds a way to make themselves believe that their great-great-great-grand father was Irish and therefore they have a REAL reason to celebrate.
Well, I am 100% French and I am perfectly okay with that. But I must admit that I love to plan a fun party so yes, of course, I will celebrate St Patrick's Day!

Here are some ideas to make fun drinks: (and remember, it is very easy to make everything looks green, just add green liquor or green food coloring. Only one drop per drink will do the trick)

Now let's talk about snacks & sweets/desserts: (you can't have a party, especially if it starts early without anything to snack on. The theme is great because you can turn anything into the Irish them!)

Have fun "feeling green"!

With love,


  1. What a great post! I love holidays! Too bad I work all day that day:(

    <3 Marielley

  2. brilliant post! love the Irish flag shot!

    Its my boyfriends birthday tomorrow as well! double celebration