Take a moment to breathe

Take a moment to breathe.

Stressful morning. Stressful afternoon. Got home at 4pm and still worried. But then I realized that the rain was gone and the sun was trying to make a small appearance.
I had two choices: kill an entire chocolate tablet or go sit out, in my pretty pink chair and relax. 
Take a moment to breathe.
I chose option two. (for once, I decided not to "eat my emotions").

I looked at the clouds, they were moving pretty fast; the birds were singing, the temperature was nice.

And I was suddenly at peace.
Then, I laughed at myself for being so happy from doing such simple things. But it felt nice.

I realized that I needed to be okay with the way life works, I cannot control everything. The same way the clouds were moving fast, the same way my day will be soon over and tomorrow will be there.

I decided to consider myself as a cloud for the rest of the day and let things take me. Somewhere. Anywhere.

I drank a diet coke with a slice of lemon, look at the sky, dream, dream...and wait for a better tomorrow.
You should try it sometimes, take a moment for yourself.
It feels nice.

With love,

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