Back to fall trend..Plaid shirt

Today I am doing a little "flashback" to the fall trend since I am pushing the fall trend to the spring one. I know it is spring and the temperatures are getting warmer. Very very warm in the South actually. But at night, it is still kinda chilly sometimes and plaid shirts are perfect for a dinner out that is not too fancy or a relaxing night with friends.
I wear plaid shirts all the time. I just love them because you can always mix it up; it does not have to be always flannel; you can get plaid shirts that are cotton or very light other material. Also, you will never get the same shirt, the colors can always be different and fun!
AND....the best part is.... you can perfectly pair them with my two favorite bottoms ever: leggings and jeans!

So go get your plaid shirt until it gets too hot, you will fall in love with it right away!

With love,

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  1. I agree! I love plaid shirts on a cool night. Paired w/shorts and boots..Classic!

    <3 Marielley