Give your black coffee a French touch'

In order to start off your day right, you need coffee in the morning but you are tired of drinking the same thing everyday? Black coffee is your only option since you are not working at Starbucks. You maybe own a fancy Expresso machine that gives more options than the simple coffee maker but it is still NOT Starbucks. So here is my solution for you. You should make "café au lait". I know it sounds fancy and really french but honestly it is really easy to make and taste ten times better than simple black coffee.
"Cafe au lait" is simply the combination of dark coffee and heated milk. 

-Make 1 cup of your regular black coffee
-Heat 1 cup of milk (I use non-fat milk but it is up to you)
-Pour the coffee and the milk at the same time in the cup so they can mix well together
-Use a frother to make the milk foamy (see picture below)
-Add 2 sweeteners

Here is your café au lait!
Enjoy, my friends!

Bonne journée!

With love,

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