If a wine does not taste great, use it to cook

Have you ever bought a bottle of wine that did not taste good? or did not meet your expectations?
It happens to me from time to time; as a "wine lover", I like to branch out and try different wines at different prices; some are winners and some are not. At all.
It breaks my heart to through away an entire bottle, so I found a solution, use the "not-tasting-so-good-wine" to cook and keep the good one to drink and enjoy.
Also, when wine is heated, the alcoholic content disappears so only the essence imparting a subtle flavor is left. No worries about getting grandma drunk :)

You can use wine in 3 different ways: as a marinade, as a cooking liquid or as a flavoring in a finished dish.

Last night, I made "Poulet au Vin Rouge" (Chicken with red wine), here is the recipe:

-Chicken breast
-Red wine

-Chop onions & start cooking them
-When the onions are getting brown, add the red wine and the chicken
-Cook until everything is browned on all sides

Also, for your side, it is good to make mashed potatoes and green beans. Keep some extra red wine sauce and onions to add on the top of your mashed potatoes, it will be delicious!

Bon app├ętit my friends!

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