Thanksgiving is coming up, what to bring to the party?

The host of the party told you not to bring anything. Of course, if the host is your mother, she loves you very much and seeing you at home is good enough for her. Great. But not every Thanksgiving dinner is going to be  hosted by your creator. You have a girlfriend/boyfriend or eventually you will get one and you will need to attend this kind of event. It will eventually be hosted by the "other family" AND you will need to be loved by the "other family". Or at least accepted and not hated right away.
You know your host has been slaving in the kitchen all day, the idea of bringing "yourself" is not good enough. Everyone enjoys getting gifts in return of their hard work. Everyone.

So here is a list of tips and ideas when answering the question: What should I bring?
  • Booze is the word- do your research, find out what the host likes to drink & change a boring Thanksgiving dinner into a party
  • Fingers food is a must- smelling that turkey for hours make everybody hungry, so help the host and bring appetizers so nobody gets angry-hungry
  • Dish of dessert- you can never have too many dessert, it is simply impossible
  • Flowers- if you know that your host already planned food that could feel the whole neighborhood, just bring flowers, it always works

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