British Style.. Gotta love it!

So, unlike most French people, I did not go ski this year after Christmas. I cheated on the mountains to go to London. I have always wanted to go to England, but it never happened before even if it is on a 1h 30mins flight from France... But finally I did it!
I went there for 4 days. It was amazing. Such a great city. So many things to see and to do. Definitely one of my favorite destinations so far. If you have the chance to go to Europe, try to stop by London.

The style is great. Think about Kate Moss. Yes, you know you can't help but love her. No matter what,
British girls absolutely "do not care" about what people think. They wear anything and everything. Some have pink hair. Some have very very short skirts. They just wear whatever they want with a touch of rock and some more classic style.. It is so much fun. I love it. Period.

London girls follow only one rule: "Be brave and have fun"

Kate Moss

Florence Welch

Alexa Chung

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