New Eve Party coming up.. Do's and Dont's

Celebrating the New Year is the biggest thing of the year. You meet up with friends and family, and for once you have a reason to drink. Or more like a valuable excuse. Anyways, popping champagne is a MUST.
But celebrating the upcoming year is not an easy thing to do. You have to deal with so many things. The New Year's Party is fun but it also goes along with big expectations, big money, big debauchery, and sometimes...big disappointment.

Here are some tips for you:

* Do eat before, drink water between alcoholic drinks (it is always important to stay hydrated)
* Do plan for midnight, do not pass out before 12:01 (remember it is the MOST important part so go easy on the whiskey for 2mins please)
* Do have a positive attitude, do not expect more than you should, but bring on your happy/party mood
* Do bring your best girlfriends/boyfriends (you will be sure to have a great time)
* Do think about your feet (ladies, it is good to feel 2 inches taller but how long can you handle it?)

* Don't arrive at the usual "cool" time (for once being late is lame)
* Don't let the unexpected ruin the evening (always turn anything negative into positive, you can maybe start your new resolutions right away)
* Don't rely on anyone but yourself (after this great article, you will remember to control yourself, but not everyone will)

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