Take time to relax and enjoy life

Yes this might sound "cliché" but you have to learn how to keep yourself from letting the little things in life drive your crazy. The improvement in technology changed the world and made it a "fast pace world" which deprives us from appreciating life. We do not have time anymore to enjoy the simple things in life. We are part of a "doing" culture; unlike the Asian cultures we do not know how to be silent, pray, relax and reflect on thoughts. We have the need to always "do" something; if not we feel useless and unproductive.
We need to learn to put things in perspective by making the small daily changes; think about doing one thing at a time. Try to live more in the present moment, let others have the glory at times, and lower your tolerance to stress. You can write down your most stubborn positions and see if your can soften them, learn to trust your intuitions, and live each day as if it might be your last.

With love,

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