There is always one exception to the rule

I am not the "fan type". There is no celebrity that I "could die for" to meet. Of course, I like some singers, some athletes or some actors more than others...but I am not a huge fan of anyone really.
I admit that I will be happy to meet Brad Pitt in real life; but if I don't I will survive. For sure.
On the other hand, when it comes to fashion, I must confess that there is one girl that I follow: Kourtney Kardashian. The reason? Her body type looks like mine. She is very short and has wide hips (just like me). So I follow her in order to get some ideas and figure out what will look good on me. I like her style and she always find ways to make herself look taller and skinnier, so she helps me out without even knowing it!

I decided to share this "fan moment" with you because it is hard sometimes to realize what makes us look better or worse. I advice you guys to find someone who has the same body type as yours and a good sense of style; so you can steal some of his/her ideas and look good as well!

With love,

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