"Thank God It's Friday"...Yes, we have all said it once in our lives and actually...maybe some of us say it every week. Because let's face it; work is called "work" for a reason, it is not always really fun, don't feel bad about admitting it. Hopefully for you guys, it is not too terrible either.
Well, sometimes after a long week of work, we are not really in the mood to go out and for that matter, getting ready and pretty seems like a bit of a challenge. But you deserve to do something here is my idea!
Sign up for a painting class (or something that is new to you and creative), take one or many friends with you, bring your favorite beverage (Chardonnay for me of course) and let the fun begin!

You will get to meet new people or simply enjoy being with your friends, relax, learn about skills that you did not know about yourself and just have a good Friday night! 

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