Need change? Why not try a "fringe"?

Sometimes we feel like we need something new in our lives... maybe move to a new a place to live in, get new decoration, change the furniture in your apartment so your "yin and yang" are more balanced, buy new clothes... or get a new haircut!
I love the fringe style! I tried..many times but it doesn't look good on me because I have a very long face and it just makes it look even longer with a fringe...unfortunately... BUT it might look good on you since it actually looks amazing on many of my friends and lots and lots of celebrities!

I found this great website with images to help you do it:

Step 1: Cut your hair when it is dry, party your hair as it would fall naturally and take a V shape section, that is approximately 1inch thick and twist it

Step 2: Hold your scissors at an angle. With the help of the points cut the ends off the twist of your hair. Try not to take off too much at first as you can repeat the process until you achieve the desired result.

Step 3: Release the twist to let the fringe fall. To reveal any uneven or stray hairs lift the fringe from underneath with a comb. Then cut them off with the points of your scissors, as you’ve done before with the whole twist.

Step 4: Be gorgeous and embrace it, just like these girls !

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