Valentine's Day is....HERE

Dear followers,
I did not forget about Valentine's Day, maybe you were waiting for some amazing advice that will save the day but unfortunately for you, I only have a few... It might sound very "cliché" but I do not agree with celebrating love only once a year; we should want to prove our love and share it...everyday. (Even though it would be so much easier to go with only one day, I will give you that).

If you are single, do not stress, do not be sad, do not eat all the chocolate that your mother gave you this weekend in one night... Hang out with your friends, watch a funny movie, do things that you could not have done if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend.... Enjoy being single and free!

- Girls, drink amazing cocktails, gossip,gossip,gossip ALL night or do a party with the theme "I hate Valentine's Day" like in the movie "Valentine's Day" (where Jessica Biel is playing such a fun role by the way) ...Just do whatever you want but don't forget to have fun!

- Guys, catch up on all the football/basketball games that you have missed, eat pizza, drink beer, talk about the VS. show and dream about the "angel" that you would love to have as your wife/girlfriend/mistress...whatever, it is a dream so just go for it!

If you are in a relationship, I have 2 important advice for you:

1) DO NOT forget about this day if you are a guy; your girlfriend expects at least chocolate, flowers, dinner somewhere, jewelry...find something, no excuses are allowed! She has read about Valentine's Day for a month now, she sees commercials about it all day, you can't let her down, not today.
2) DO NOT expect your significant other to know what you want. Yes you have seen this beautiful necklace a few weeks ago, you told your love, you expect him to remember. Yes you have seen this new golf club in the store the other day, you told your love, you expect her to remember. flash! Except if your lover has a great memory or is just gifted, the chances of you getting this particular object is low. Just because at the end of the day, guys do not care about jewelry and girls do not care about golf so our selective memory will work against us. If you really want something, make sure you drop a LOT of hints, people are not mind reader, help them out.

Hope everyone will have a fantastic Valentine's Day!

With love,

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