2012...already February..time to make a change

When the new year comes around, you always think about all the resolutions that you could take or "should take" but let's be real, do you actually make a change? Hum...maybe for a week or two, but it usually doesn't last very long. You always think about working out more, eating healthier (no more chocolate I promise), drinking less, forgetting about the bad boys and getting a straight laced boy...blablabla. None of the resolutions are actually really meant to make YOU happier. You try to please everybody and fit in the wrong crowd but what about YOU?
Here are some tips to make you happier, maybe you won't lose 60 pounds next week but you will definitely be happier!

* Create a vision board/collage/pinterest style....so you can always be inspired about doing new stuff and try new things
* Move out of your bedroom ALL the useless stuff...you will feel lighter and create positive energy around
* Participate in community events/go for lunch or dinner with friends...yes sometimes you do not feel like "hanging out"but as human we need to interact with others, and it will actually make you happier than staying home all alone
* Forgive yourself...yes eating ice-cream or chocolate is not recommended these days but whats wrong with a joker day? enjoy yourself for one meal
* Dance, sing in the shower, paint even if you are absolutely not talented, nobody has to see your "disasters", just enjoy doing it for yourself
* Finally... act happy, put a smile on your face, keep smiling because studies show that even a fake smile has a positive influence on you!

With love,

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