Vintage is so IN!

You hear about vintage clothing all the time. Why is it so popular? Simply because fashion goes round and round and people are attracted by something that is "unique". You should always hold on to your clothes that you think have a certain style, they will be back in style eventually. Trust me.
If you buy a piece of clothing now, you might see it on someone else when you walk down the street or you might not find it unique enough to buy it. But the fashion from the 90's is considered retro and cool. Sometimes, vintage is cheaper as well. Except if you go for an old Chanel bag, your chances of finding something really cool and cheaper than an H&M t-shirt are pretty high. You have to look around a lot though, it does not come in handy.
I love vintage clothing because I can get it for cheap, it is unique and I can change it.
For example, this past weekend, I bought a pink vintage t-shirt, very cheap and decided to add white bow buttons to bring in my "personal touch".

Have fun with your clothes, it shows your personality, so go for it!

With love,

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