Super Bowl

Super Bowl is a big event and I believe that it should be celebrated by planning a fun Super Bowl party. Whether you are a big football fan or just looking to watch fun commercials (like me), watching the Super Bowl with friends and family is going to be a LOT of fun!

Why is it so easy to plan this kind party? Because everybody expects traditional party food for this event like chips, different kinds of dips, chili, salsa, wings,  pizza... They're so easy to serve and everybody forgets about diet, no more guilt when you watch football so just go for it!

Here are some tips:
* Go for the buffet option, people like to choose and go back for more now and then
* Make sure you have one room where the girls (or the people not interested in football) can escape and talk about everything...BUT football
* Have a lot of beers, do not be afraid of having too much, football and beer is a long time love story, you can never be too well prepared
* Have some more "girly" drinks if you know that your girlfriends are coming and they never understood how guys can love beer so much (it tastes like water, no way i'm drinking that..sounds familiar?) so in this, is a must!
* Get post-game treats like cookies or cupcakes, after drinking a lot, everybody needs some sweet stuff!

Finally, enjoy the game, enjoy a lazy Sunday with your favorite peeps!

With love,

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